More of the King

I am Sanfred Jr, 19, typical Filipino boy. I’m an ordinary teenage boy with an extraordinary passion in reading and creating new worlds through writing. Virtually NOT artistic but I can manage to survive in the aesthetic aspect of life. I may look tame on the outside but my secret (?) pastimes are scheming, lying, terrorizing people and just plain having fun in this suuuuper serious world. I’m not evil though, and I can get along just fine with virtually anyone. ;D

I’m gay, I go Glen Coco.

A little of sports, more on reading and music. I’m not that picky in genres as long as I can understand them. :)

My favorite singers include Avril, Nickelback, Lifehouse, Pink (actually the list is endless haha).

I admit that I am not much of a looker, but I’m sure I’m not THAT ugly, so to all those who are curious here’s my face.